Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marketing To Your Audience

When people begin internet marketing with the attempt to make money online one mistake many people make is they market to anyone rather than their specific audience. If you market to anyone then when you begin receiving free web traffic it will be untargeted which means you won’t make money from the traffic. To avoid this the first step is learning search engine optimization and also doing research on your target audience. For many marketers across the web especially those who are just starting out any traffic is better than no traffic. Usually the idea of targeted traffic does not come until a website begins receiving untargeted traffic and learns not all traffic is the same. When marketing avoid techniques that are not targeted towards your audience. These types of internet marketing techniques include posting ads on sites that are not relevant to your own, social bookmarking, and random link exchanges. You may see traffic from these types if internet marketing techniques, but will notice a very low conversion.

To begin increasing targeted traffic to your presence start with finding the keywords that relate to your presence and have high traffic volumes. One of the best places to do this is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type a couple of terms into this tool such as your websites title and look through the list it will generate with relating traffic. The first terms you should begin optimizing your website for is the terms which are the closest to your business. One good example of this is if you are selling red shoes you want to rank well for the term “buy red shoes” rather than “buy shoes”. Focus on these keywords in the beginning rather than general terms. Once you have the first position for all your super high targeted terms it will be time to move onto more general terms. This is when you should begin building links for terms such as “buy shoes” or just the term “shoes”.

The final step is building links which will help increase search engine position for the terms you build links for. When building links make sure you place the keywords you would like to rank well for between the anchor tags. If you want to rank well for the term “buy red shoes” then you want that to be the text your link displays. To begin building keyword optimized link one of the best places especially for new websites is It is here you will find thousands of free web directories all of which will allow you to place keywords in the title box which will help you begin ranking well in the search engines for those specific terms. You should also spend time with article marketing since this is the way which you can generate unlimited links from one article.

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