Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking Part In Your Online Businesses Niche

The majority of people out across the web that are trying to make money online will usually see their competitors as those who are trying to beat them by out ranking them in the major search engines. They will also see people who are taking their targeted audience away which usually leads to unpleasant feelings towards other businesses within ones niche. If you remember one online business rule which is you can’t make it online by yourself then you may see these other businesses in a different perspective. Remember that no matter what niche you created your business in links and other promotions on external sources will be necessary for success. The best promotions and links come from relevant websites within your niche. What this means is when you see a competitor to your online business try thinking about them as a cross promotional partner.

There are many different ways two websites in a single niche can promote each other. If you are running a static website then you should pay close attention to websites that are dynamic in your niche such as blogs and forums. These websites will not have the same marketing techniques or monetization links which means you will not be direct competitors even though you may be targeting the same audience. With these websites try thinking of ways you could promote each other. A few ideas include the basic link exchange on the top pages of each site. You may want to consider doing something like direct banner advertisements for each other. Usually these banner advertisements are sold, but if you are targeting the same traffic and are both doing well in the major search engines then it would be worth the extra traffic to switch banner space.

Even though you may be attempting to market with other websites in your niche there will be some who see you has the competition and would sacrifice their own potential to hurt yours. Skip these websites and webmasters moving onto marketing with others. Working with a few competitors will produce decent results, but you should not forget about other free internet marketing techniques. Some of the techniques I use consistently and have placed my websites at the top of Google for extremely competitive keyterms includes article marketing, forum posting, link exchanges, free web directories, and forms of marketing which you find while surfing. What I mean by that last statement is internet marketing has not been perfected which means there are still forms of marketing even an expert internet marketer has not heard of. You will not find these forms of marketing in the blogosphere or forums, but rather on those pages across the web not widely read. These different forms of marketing will also come to you rather than you learning them from some source.