Saturday, August 13, 2011

Focusing On Whitehat SEO

Ranking well in the search engines will help you make money online free. When ranking well for competitive key terms you will start receiving website traffic. As you begin ranking well it is important to focus on ranking for terms which accurately represent your website. Remember that search engine optimization is about increasing the quality of traffic rather than quantity. You want people to your presence who are looking for what you have. If they type in to Google “buy internet marketing software” and your site comes up in the first position be sure you are selling internet marketing software. If your website has what people are searching for you will notice your conversion rate go up and bounce rate go down. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who come to your website and actually purchase your product or click on your ads. The higher the conversion rate the less traffic you will need to generate income. Bounce rate is the amount of people who come to your presence and immediately leave. You want to have a high conversion rate and a low bounce rate.

When wanting to rank well the first thing to focus on is what you have on your presence. Every single word on your presence will have some effect on the placement of your site within the search engines. On site search engine optimization is the process of placing keywords within a niche on your presence in an attempt to rank well for some or all of those keywords. If you would like to rank well for a given keyword or term it is mandatory to place the keyword on the page you would like to rank. Usually the best practice is placing the keyword three or four times on your presence depending on the amount of written content you have. The more content you have the more times you will need to place the term on your presence. You should also be placing alternative terms which are extremely similar to the main term on your presence. A good example of this is if you are trying to rank well for “make money online” some terms you should have on your presence include “earn money online”, “make money free”, and “how to make money online”.

Placing the term over and over does not mean you will rank well for the term. You will also need to start building links with that term between the anchor tags. Every time you create a link pointing to your site it is the same as building a road which traffic can find your presence. When link building you should be focusing on both quality and quantity. Links will not come easily which means you will need to build links whenever you can. Don’t spend time worrying about worthless links like the ones you get from auto submitters or link farms. These will not hurt your site, but they will not help your site either. Some of the places you should begin building links includes,, and top article directories which you can find by doing a google search. You should also join a webmaster forum and ask marketers where they are building links.

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