Monday, August 15, 2011

A Legitimate Home Based Business

When you begin looking for ways to make money online there will be scams everywhere you look. Millions of people end up paying money for programs they see online or on tv only to find out a real home based business needs no income to start. To begin a business you will need to start out with a plan. This plan will first need a topic. When trying to find a topic there are a few things you should think about such as the amount of traffic and your interest. When trying to find the amount of traffic check out both Google webmaster tools and Google adwords keyword tool. Google webmaster tools will tell you what you are already ranking well for and the amount of impressions. Google adwords keyword tool will let you know how much traffic any keyword you input has. Your interest needs to be intense if you start a presence on a particular topic. The reason for this is the way to succeed online is to keep going year after year. Working online is much easier when you are actually interested in the topic your writing about.

Once you have your idea it will be time to create a presence. There are many places out on the web that will allow you to host a presence for free. A couple of the most basic include blogger and wordpress. These are blogging platforms which means if you choose to use them content updating consistently will be mandatory. Blog platforms are really good for those who don’t know HTML or other web languages since they create the presence for you without any coding. For those that are looking for a more serious home based business a hosting company will be necessary. There are both free and paid hosting companies all across the web. For those new to online business free hosting would probably be your best option. One of the best free hosts is For a larger selection search google for list or directory of free web hosts.

The next step is beginning internet marketing. This is a long process and during the first year you should attempt to learn all you can about search engine optimization and social marketing. Both of these will benefit your online business in the long run. For the majority of my online businesses I focus mainly on ranking well in search engines. To do this you will need to first place the keywords on your presence to let Google know that your presence should rank for the keywords. You will also need to increase the link popularity of your website by increasing backlinks. The absolute best way to increase your link count is creating link bait. This is creating some form of content which has enough quality that when webmasters and bloggers read it they post links to it on their presence which drives your site and the page where the content is up in the search engines.

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