Monday, August 15, 2011

Using Squidoo To Make Money Online

There are many different ways you can earn money online and one of the easiest is with squidoo. is a free hosting service which helps you with set up and publishing. For those who do not know HTML squidoo offers a great way to create a single static page rank it well and begin earning money. When wanting to make money with squidoo you have two ways to do so. The first way to earn money with squidoo is directly through their shared income program. When your lens generates income for squidoo they will pay you a percentage. If you create massive amounts of lenses and use quality internet marketing on them it would be possible to create a sizable monthly income. One thing you must remember when using this system to make money with squidoo is traffic will determine the amount of income. This means if you are not making enough you will either need to market harder or create more lenses to help increase income generation.

The ad revenue sharing program is not the only way to earn money with squidoo. When you create a lens it is possible to rank the lens for specific keywords. You can rank your website for the keywords which relates to items you sale. If you need some programs or products you may want to try click bank, amazon, or the affiliate programs on this paid surveys website. With squidoo you can create as many lenses as you want on any topic you would like. This means you can promote many different products and programs in many different niches then keep the lenses that make you money. This is much different compared with a website or blog. With websites and blogs you need to stick with you niche making sure to promote products that closely relate.

When you begin marketing your lenses they should be marketed like any other website or blog. During creation keyword selection will be key. You are allowed to choose your URL, titles, and keywords. If the lens is one that you plan on marketing a product place keywords that represent the product in these three locations. Really it doesn’t matter what way you would like to earn with squidoo content will be crucial to your marketing and success. Do not create a lens and only have a product promotion and a link to the product. It is important to have quality content related to whatever the page is about. This will give your lens quality helping it both in squidoos ranking system and within the major search engines. When adding content squidoo has several features that will really help out. During creation you should be looking through all of the different modules which allow you to add different things. Some of the most common modules include adding a rss feed, youtube videos, and a guest book.