Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Different Internet Business Ideas

There are many different ways to earn money online if your willing to read. If you type “online business tips” or “online business blog” into Google you will see there are hundreds of great sources for learning about online business. The basic online business is creating a web presence, marketing the presence, and earning money from the website traffic that comes. When creating a presence it should be unique meaning you need to search Google and the other major search engines to see if your idea has already been done. Sometimes in crowded niches you will not be able to think of something unique. If this is the case expect to spend ten times more time marketing compared to creating something unique. When a website is not completely unique it is much more difficult to rank it well in Google. You must market the website much better than the website already in the index and even if you do this it is still possible to not be ranked well.

Internet marketing is what will separate your website from those around you. The amount of search engine optimization and link building will depend on the amount of competitors in your niche. If you create a make money, credit card, or casino website you should expect to spend six hours daily minimum for top rankings. These are major niches with massive amounts of traffic as well as competition. When marketing you should focus on free techniques. These will be the highest benefit for your website or blog. Free marketing techniques consist of building permanent links which will help your website in the search engines forever. The reason this is better than buying traffic is when you buy traffic once the money is gone the traffic is gone. If you use free internet marketing techniques you can get continual traffic forever and for free.

When you begin your free internet marketing campaign a few places you should consider building links includes article directories, blogs, forums, link exchanges, and free web directories. For free web directories and article directories go to directorycritic.com they have a decent sized list of both. You should also submit articles to some of the top article directories such as ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, articlesbase.com, and buzzle.com. Blog commenting should be done with blogs in your niche. Commenting on niche relevant blogs will help with your link count, help you start finding targeted visitors, and help you start building a relationship with bloggers in your niche. For link exchanges one of the best places to go is linkmarket.net. This site has a directory full of websites who are actively looking for link exchange partners. Forum posting is great for link building, but more importantly learned about either your niche or how to be a better webmaster and online business owner.