Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starting A Profitable Blog

In recent years blogging has become one of the best ways a single online business owner can begin earning money. To begin earning money you will need some monetization links. One common way to monetize a blog is by placing Google Adsense ads or other forms of ppc publishing. Affiliate marketing is also a great way to monetize your blog and you will find affiliate marketing is much more targeted than ppc publishing. Some quality resources when trying to find products to market include Walmart and Amazon. You may also want to check out the affiliate programs on this paid surveys website. It is a good idea to pick a few products which are in your area of expertise. The reason for this is you will want to place the monetization links during the developing of your blog and before the first post.

When you begin a blog it is important to decide if you want to use one of the free services on the net or pay for hosting. Those who are new to the online business world should probably use free services for the first year or so. During this time you will be able to decide whether or not online business is for you. Blogger and Wordpress both allow users to create and earn from a blog. The topic will be important to the possible amount of traffic and income. Pick to write about something that you have experience with and have been interested in for quite some time. This will ensure your writings will be read and respected by your audience and you will not grow bored of writing on the topic. You should also be concerned about the amount of possible traffic for the topic you choose. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type in a few keywords that you think relate closely to the topic you have chosen. This tool will bring up the amount of monthly traffic that the keywords generate and also bring up related keywords and show you their traffic.

Once you have your presence up with keyword implemented into the title, URL, and headings to improve the amount of traffic it will be time to begin internet marketing. This is the process of using all possible traffic methods in an attempt to bring targeted visitors to your new blog. There are several types of internet marketing and some should be used more heavily than others by bloggers. One of the best ways to market a blog is by using social marketing. This type of marketing includes both social networking and social bookmarking. You should be using social networking to build relationships with your readers and be submitting each new post to the major social bookmarking websites which you can find by searching Google. Another type of marketing which will be beneficial for anyone who starts a blog is search engine optimization and you can learn SEO from the webmaster forum v7n.com/forums.

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