Monday, August 15, 2011

A Content Filled Internet Business

There are many ways to start an online business, but for those who are wanting to rank well in the search engines and really start making money online creating a business which is based in text content will be the way to go. The reason that text content is the best for an online business is even though search engines may be advanced they can only read text. Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to an audio clip and rank the piece accordingly. With text the major search engines can come to your presence go through all your text content and find the keywords most prevalent and rank your presence for those keywords. Filling your presence with content can potentially lead to social traffic if you are making the presence easy to share. One of the most common forms of text filled online businesses is blogs. With a blog you can add social bookmarking and social networking buttons which can lead to extra traffic.

To begin a business online you will need to find hosting and if this is your first business the best option will be free hosting. For those able to write quality content consistently the hosts you should go with is blogger or wordpress. These are blogging platforms so your audience will expect a consistent flow of textual content. You need to write your fingers off if you want to succeed with a blog. The first step when starting a blog is choosing a topic. This will severely impact the amount of traffic and income you can receive with your blog. Pick a topic that is popular and has been popular for a while. If you need help with finding popular topics search the major social websites or go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type in a few terms you think would be popular. Once you have your topic begin creation by writing your first post and filling out an about me page.

In the beginning you should be writing at least one article daily. If there are days you can’t write for your blog try writing a couple posts one day and posting them on the days you don’t have the time to write. One basic way for blogs to get indexed in Google and the other major search engines is pinging systems. These are websites which will tell the major blog networks and search engines that you have posted a new post. is one of the best free pinging services. You will also need to market your new blog and since you will have plenty of old posts article marketing will be one of the best methods. Search for a list of article directories and find 10 or so of the most popular ones. Everytime you write a new post first publish it on your blog then submit it to the list of directories you have. This will help increase link popularity and awareness of your blog. Bloggers should also take advantage of the social bookmarking systems out on the web. Submit your new posts to websites such as and for extra promotion.

Monetization will also be important for your business success and one of the best methods is affiliate marketing. Some high paying affiliate marketing programs include the ones on this paid to take surveys website.