Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free Internet Marketing Strategies

When people begin trying to learn how to make money online with an online business they will run into the problem of finding free traffic. To build free web traffic to your presence learning free internet marketing will be necessary. The two main forms of internet marketing which cost nothing include search engine optimization and social marketing which includes both social networking and social bookmarking. All of these techniques are discussed at the major webmaster forums in far more depth than this article. I recommend joining a couple of these forums just in case you have further questions after reading this. The two webmaster forums I have seen the most benefit from include digital point forums and

The first major free internet marketing technique I would like to discuss is search engine optimization. This is the process of ranking your website well in Google and the other major search engines for keywords which are highly searched for. When trying to rank your presence well in the search engines the first thing you should work on is your website or blog. Here you should focus on placing keywords in all the main areas such as the URL, titles, and headings. The keywords should also be placed throughout any content you publish on your site. After placing the keywords on your content the next thing you should work on is the number of backlinks pointing towards your website. This is how Google will find your website and determine how popular your website is compared to the other websites in your niche. You can begin building links at free web directories which you can find by going to or article directories which you can find by going to Google and searching for list of article directories.

Ranking well in the search engines will bring you the most targeted traffic, but you should also use the major social websites when trying to increase traffic. Some of the social websites which you are probably most familiar with include websites like facebook and twitter. When working with social networking websites the goal is not to increase traffic with these websites, but rather build relationships with your audience. This will bring visitors back to your website or blog over and over. Next you should move onto social bookmarking websites. These are best when you publish content on your presence make sure you submit the URL of the page which you published the content to the major social bookmarking sites such as,, and All of these will be great for increasing traffic and if the content you submit is niche related the traffic that comes to your site will be targeted.

If you would like to learn more about marketing I recommend buying an internet marketing ebook.