Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating Time For Your Home Business

One of the main reasons that people really struggle with becoming successful with a home business is they are unable to manage time. With my personal online business I notice the correlation between time spend working and income generated. Usually with significant increases when I spend quite a bit of time working. One of the really nice things about an online business is when you spend time marketing or creating content the time spent never dies. This means it will always be their helping your business in the search engines and helping you increase income. To find time you must be willing to cut down on some of the different side activites you are doing. In the beginning of your business I highly recommend not quitting your job. The reason for this is you will not know if your business will be successful in the first few months.

Some people think that they will not have the time because of work or family. This may be the case and if it is then home business is probably not for you. To succeed with your business there will usually be necessary adjustments for you to make. Personally I worked with my real job in order to cut one day per week from the schedule allowing me 8 more hours weekly to work online. The only reason I made this adjustment is I began making more money online than what that day of work would have got me. If your online business is new then you may not need to free up much time as long as you have a few hours per week. The reason for this is during the first year or so of your business income will be quite low. Usually this is the time that you build links slowly and let time pass with your website indexed in Google. This is what builds trust between your presence and Google.

For those who are needing to make time for their business one way is creating a schedule and making working on your business a routine. If you are use to working from 6pm-9pm everyday and it becomes part of your routine then stick with it. When trying to find how much time per day you need to work content creation and internet marketing will both need to be taken into account. For those running a blog one article per day or seven articles per week need to be written. Static websites will require less content creation, but to rank well you will need more internet marketing. For most businesses I recommend spending 2-3 hours per day. The great thing about working from home is the work does not need to be done daily. Since you need to spend around 3 hours daily this can be done when you have the time as long as it comes out to around 21 hours weekly. If you can spend 10 hours on your day off working online then half your week is done.

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