Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picking The Niche For Your Online Business

One of the most important factors for success when trying to make money online is picking the right niche. Usually newer webmasters or bloggers will jump into a their business not really thinking about the topic which leads to no understanding of the income or traffic potential. On rare occasions they will get lucky and pick a niche which is not overly populated, but does have enough traffic to meet online income goals. This is of course very rare and a much more common occurrence is the webmaster giving up on their online business or the webmaster learns what he can about search engine optimization, keywords, and niche marketing then rearranges their presence. To be successful at internet marketing you must know the basics of search engine optimization and the foundation of search engine optimization is understanding the niche you work in. When deciding on a niche or topic for a web presence there are several factors that should be taken into account including your interest in the subject, competition levels of the niche, and the income potential of the niche you choose.

When I say interest in a subject this does not mean something you may enjoy, but rather something you have had an intense interest for an extended period of time. The reason for this is to avoid creating a presence only to get bored and move on in a matter of months. For most online businesses the reason they fail is the owner stops working on them. If you are able to stay focused on one online business for at least two years the chance of that online business becoming successful greatly increases. You will rank well in Google and the other major search engines with consistent work and begin making money without much of a problem.

Another factor when choosing a niche is the amount of competition a certain niche has. This will let you know the amount of work that needs to be done if you would like to reach the top of Google and start receiving free website traffic. To look at the competition of a niche simply type some of the main keywords you will be targeting into Google. Look at the top ten websites making sure to visit each web presence separately and taking their Url over to Yahoo. Once you reach Yahoo type link:cometitorsurl into the search box and hit search. Yahoo will let you know the amount of incoming links the website has which will give you a general idea of how many links you will have to build.

The final factor of deciding on a niche is knowing whether or not the niche is an income generator or not. This is a bit tricky because every niche has the potential to generate income using ppc publishing. The problem with some niches is the only way to earn money in the niche is with ppc publishing. If you are targeting keywords with “buy” in the phrase you know you are in a niche which has potential. One good example is if you create a website which sells software it will make much more compared with a website that explains how to go fishing.