Sunday, August 21, 2011

Realistic Goals For An Online Business

For those out on the web trying to earn money online one thing you should create is reachable goals. Going after the major keywords should not be the a goal for those just getting online. The first goal you should set for an online business is getting ranked for some minor keywords and making your first dollar. Both of these goals are realistic and can be done within a reasonable amount of time. Do not create goals that will take over months to accomplish. Setting goals with large time frames will cause you to lose sight of the goals or become frustrated that your online business is taking to long. These are the goals to stay away from if you want to stay focused and not get frustrated. One goal you should have for yourself is setting and sticking to a routine. There are many things that need to be done daily which include content creation, checking earning statistics, and checking traffic sources and statistics.

When starting out you will need to create your business. During the creation it will be important to decide on which keywords you would like to monetize your website for. This will determine the amount of possible traffic and possible income your business can receive. It is ok to pick a few high competition and high traffic volume keywords. You should also choose some lower traffic keywords that are easier to rank well for. The reason for this is you want to see success as you are working. If you go after the more competitive keywords you won’t see the payoff for your efforts. When you write a few articles and market them then spend a few hours submitting your presence to free web directories you will not see any free web traffic coming from the keywords. These high competition keywords take many months if not years to rank well for and only if you are building links for them regularly.

The next set of goals you should have is income goals. How much money will you earn online today, next money, next year, these are the questions you should be asking yourself. The problem with most online business owners is they place such high numbers quickly and they dont put in the work to meet the numbers. The first goal you should set in the first six months is bringing your online income to a hundred dollars monthly. This is reasonable and possible at the end of six months working online. After a year it would be possible to make five hundred monthly if you are working on your business each day. The final goal for your online business should be making enough to stay home full time if you want. Usually this income is around four thousand monthly and requires three to five years to meet. All of these income projections are possible, but only if you put in the work and learn everything you can about monetization and internet marketing.