Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creating An Internet Marketing Campaign

Setting up a simple presence so you can make money online is quite easy. The difficulty is out marketing the rest of your niche which can number anywhere from a few thousand to millions. The fastest way to learn internet marketing is to purchase an internet marketing ebook. This of course is not the only way to learn marketing if you have the time to go through forums, blogs, and articles online. Learning internet marketing will be only half the battle. You must implement what you learned and to an extent to out market your competitors. They will usually be working hard to keep or improve search engine position and social traffic. These are the two main forms of internet marketing and should be focused on when you create your campaign. The reason I use the word campaign is because when you dive into internet marketing it will be intensive so be prepared to work everyday with an attempt to improve your traffic generation.

The first form of internet marketing I would like to discus and the most beneficial for the majority of online businesses is search engine optimization. When you rank well in the search engines the traffic that comes to your site will actually be looking for what you have to offer. This leaves you at a huge advantage taking the need to sale yourself or products out of the picture. You will only need to present what you have and the visitor can take it or leave it. To rank well in the search engines you will need to become familiar with keywords. These are what your audience enters into Google and the other major search engines when looking for your site. Once you know the keywords you should try to implement them into your website especially in the main places such as the URL, headings, and first few lines of content.

Successful search engine optimization will also require building links with the keywords between the anchor tags. This will help your web presence rank better for the terms. When building keyword anchored links it is important not to build all links for one term. This will make it look like you are building all the links rather than the links looking like they are coming naturally to your presence. When link building you should also not build over 50 links daily. The reason for this is if huge numbers of links hit your site all at once it will look like you purchased links to rank well in Google which they look down upon. To start building links go to where you will find thousands of free web directories. Submitting to these directories will give you a great link foundation for any keyword you are trying to rank well for. Next start writing content and submitting it to the major article directories such as,, and For a more complete list of article directories go to Google and search for list of article directories.

Once you begin receiving traffic if you are looking for ways to monetize it check out the affiliate programs on this paid surveys website.