Monday, August 1, 2011

Finding A Niche For Your Internet Business

There are thousands of new online businesses being started each day. The majority of online businesses started will never be able to earn money online and one of the main reasons for this is the online business owner does not pick a good niche. An online business niche is the topic of your online business. If you are running an internet marketing blog then you are in the internet marketing niche. When you choose a niche for your website or blog there are a couple things you should think about before starting the business. The most important factor for a successful online business is the owners interest. This definitely needs to be taken into account before starting something new. Choose a business topic which you can stick with for years. Do not pick a topic only for traffic. If you do not maintain interest in your business then after a few months you will no longer want to work on it. When you enjoy what you are working on the better chance you will have of becoming successful online.

Another important factor when trying to decide what type of business to set up is the popularity of the niche. There are a few ways to tell how popular a niche is the first is audience based. To see how much a certain keyword is searched for go to Google and type in “Google Adwords Keyword Tool”. This is the only tool which will show you how many times a certain keyword is being searched for. One great thing about this tool is when you enter a keyword it will bring up many other keywords which are closely related. This means if you type something like “free internet marketing” it will show you the monthly search volume for this term and also let you know terms such as internet marketing are being searched for much more. Another important search you should do is the keyword into Google. This will bring up your top ten competitors and allow you to see how much work will be necessary for top position. If possible avoid going after keywords dominated by websites and pages which are extremely hard to pass. These include any and all government websites, wikipedia, and any .edu websites. Trying to beat these websites in the major search engines is like shooting a bear with a bb gun it wont work out very well.

Now that you have a niche selected you should start thinking about the end goals. You should have some idea of where you want your website in a couple years and decide on hosting and a marketing plan. If you plan on dominating your niche and receiving thousands of visitors each and every day you will want to consider unlimited hosting. This is a bit expensive, but if you reach your goal you will not have to worry about a bandwidth cap which will also cap your income. This should only be done for major niches which have over a hundred thousand in monthly search volume. Anything less you will want to use free hosting such as,, or All of these will allow you to receive around 1000 unique visitors daily without shutting you down for passing bandwidth.

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