Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ranking Well In Search Engines For Competitive Keyterms

Those who want to make money online should consider learning search engine optimization and ranking for a highly competitive term. Highly competitive terms are usually somewhat short and general. Good examples of highly competitive terms include “business”, “internet marketing”, and “blogging”. If you rank in the top three for one of these terms expect to see a minimum of five hundred unique visitors daily. It is more likely you will see traffic in the thousands daily which will usually make you thousands monthly if you work hard to monetize the traffic. To rank well for these terms you must understand the foundation of search engine optimization then push past the basics into areas that are unknown by the masses.

The basics of search engine optimization include both on site and off site optimization. On site optimization is the process of placing terms you would like to rank well for throughout your websites content taking special notice of the main places search engines look including the URL, headings, and the first few lines of content. On site optimization also has to do with making sure your navigation is helping your one way keyword optimized link generation. To do this you should replace generic links in your navigation such as home, page 1, ect with the keywords you would like to optimize the page for. Another important on site optimization technique that should be used especially by those wanting to rank well for competitive phrases is making sure you optimize each pages meta tags for the keywords you would like that page to rank for. The reason you should be doing this is ranking your home page for certain keywords can only bring in the traffic for those keywords. If you optimize each page of your site they have the chance of ranking well and increasing your traffic dramatically.

Ranking for competitive terms will require link building which surpasses the ordinary. You can start by building a foundation of links using the old methods such as free web directories, article marketing, link exchanges, and forum posting. These all work really well to an extent, but you should expect your competition to be using the same marketing techniques. To rank well for highly competitive terms you should be thinking of internet marketing techniques not widely used. One of the best techniques I have seen around the web which has not been overly used is creating something useful and requiring anyone who uses it to place a link on their site. Some of the things that can be used in this way include web site templates, pictures, and videos. Another important part of ranking well in the major search engines for competitive terms is making cross promotional partnerships with powerful people in your niche. Spend time contacting the major websites checking to see if they would like to work with you.

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