Sunday, August 14, 2011

Promoting Your Website Online

When you create a website or blog the only way to become successful and make money online getting traffic to your presence will be important. There are many ways you can begin marketing your website for free. The first and best way to begin promoting your website is by creating links which will improve your websites search engine position. When creating your presence it is important to know what keywords you would like to rank well for. To decide you should go to Google Adwords and use their keyword tool to see how much traffic each specific keyword has. The nice thing about this tool is it will also show you the traffic volume of related keywords. I recommend choosing a couple high traffic keywords that have over ten thousand monthly searches. You should also choose four or five keywords that have only a couple thousand monthly searches.

The low traffic keyword will usually have much less competition compared to high traffic keywords. With less competition it will be much easier to rank well and begin seeing traffic to your website. The problem with these low traffic keywords is once you reach the first position you will not earn much money. After you reach the top of the search engines for all your low competition and traffic volume keywords it will be time to begin working on reaching the top of the search engines for the high competition keywords. To reach the top of Google for high competition keywords you will need to build links with the term between the anchor tags. This will tell Google to rank your site for these keywords.

When building links one of the first places you should go is article directories. The reason article directories are one of the best link building sources is they can give you unlimited amount of links and free web traffic. Once you submit one article to the directory publishers across the net will come and read it. If they like your article then they will publish the article on their presence which will help with your backlink count and traffic. You will also receive traffic and a backlink from each article directory you submit your presence to. Article marketing should not be the only form of free internet marketing you should use. A few more places to build links includes free web directories which you can find at This resource has thousands of free web directories which will really help build a one way link foundation. One important thing to remember is you want your links to have the keywords between the anchor tags. If you are unsure on how to do this then head over to and take the free link html tutorial.

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