Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Influence Your Online Business Audience

When creating an online business if you would like to make money online then you should attempt to influence your audience. Everytime someone comes to your presence they will see what you want them to see. It is important to know where someone looks when they come to your site. Usually this will be the middle of the page above the fold. The fold of a website is everything the screen shows when you first load a site. When you scroll down the site everything you see is below the fold. Keep this line in mind when creating your presence. When designing your presence be sure to keep in mind where your monetization links will go. One factor of potential income will be where you place these links. You should also be aware of where your content will go. This will determine how valuable someone will find your site when they first click on.

A few things to keep in mind is your audience should always come first. Sometimes you will find people will forget this when creating their presence or beginning internet marketing. You can influence your audience to click on links which will earn you money, but while doing so it is also important to give your audience what they were looking for. Do not hide your content at the very bottom of your page and a massive amount of affiliate links or ppc ads at the top. If you do this it may increase income, but your visitor satisfaction will drop dramatically. For those of you running your presence with a free host, if you place too many monetization links it could potentially lead to you being banned from the service which could potentially cut all earnings. Place one or two ads on your website depending on the niche and make sure to place plenty of content.

Most people think that influencing someone can only be done once they reach the presence. This is far from accurate and in my personal opinion the best influence is from external sources. As a firm believer in article marketing I feel the best influence is content you have published across the web. When you guest post on a popular blog or submit and get your article published on a serious article directory people will meet you before they ever hit your site. If they come from a link from an external site perhaps someone that you link exchanged with and they already have trust with that site you may see that trust flow to you. The only way to influence someone is to have trust built. If they believe in you and what you say then you can expect them to be much more likely to click on your presence and if you recommend a product they will be more likely to purchase the product.

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