Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reaching Online Business Potential

One of the most difficult parts of making money online is reaching the full potential of your online business. This means making the most money possible with what you have. The potential will usually depend on what type of presence you are running. One of the best types of presences is a blog. You can start a free blog over at or The reason a blog has huge potential is each post you can rank at the top of Google for the title. This can also be done with a static presence as long as you optimize each page. The majority of online businesses usually rank their website for the main terms and a couple related terms. What they don’t realize is the potential their sub pages have. Ranking all a websites sub pages will usually lead to double the traffic compared to only ranking the home page for main keywords.

To really cut down on the workload you need to optimize all the pages of your site from the beginning. The best way to do this is knowing which keywords are best to rank your sub pages for. I personally use Google adwords keyword tool to find the amount of traffic for any given keyword. Use this tool to see which keywords are worth ranking your sub pages for. One thing to keep in mind when ranking your sub pages is the amount of competition. Do not go after major terms for your sub pages. Rank your main page or home page for the high competition keywords. Google and the other major search engines will give more authority to you main page making it easier to rank well for tough keywords. In the beginning of your online business this should be your main focus. Don’t worry about all the sub pages and their ranks. Ranking for main keywords and terms is extremely difficult to do so you should start learning everything you can about the basics of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is everything you do to rank your presence well in the major search engines. It can be broken down into two categories the first is onsite optimization. This is when you place select keywords on your site, in the URL, in the navigation, and within the content. Doing this will let Google and the other search engines know your site is about. If you are not ranking well for a keyword look over the page you are trying to rank and make sure that the keyword is prevalent throughout the content and in the main places such as headings, titles, and within the first few sentences of the content. Next you will want to go off site and begin building links with the keywords between the anchor tags. You can do this by using article directories, free web directories, and forums.

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