Monday, August 8, 2011

Starting A Blogging Business

For the writers out on the web wanting to learn how to earn money online one of the best options is starting a blogging business. This means starting a blog on a subject you have some expertise in, marketing the blog, and monetizing the blog. If you are not sure whether or not you would like to start a blog or a static website for your online business the main difference is a blog requires constant updates. Static websites on the other hand do not require constant updates, but do not have the same interactivity with your audience. There are many free blogging platforms out on the web that will allow you to create a blogging business for free. Blogger and Wordpress which you can find by doing a Google search are two of the most common. They will give you a URL, domain name, and hosting all free. If you would prefer to have a blog which is not under the restrictions of free hosting it is possible to purchase a domain name, hosting, and upload the wordpress cms. For those starting out I highly recommend using the free hosting until you know whether or not blogging is right for you.

When you begin creating a blogging business the first step is choosing a topic. This in many cases is what makes or breaks an online business. There are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing a blogs topic. The first is how much potential website traffic is in the niche. To find this go to Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by searching Google. Type in a term that you think fits the niche you are wanting to start a blog about. For all terms it should equal to at least 100k monthly searches. This may sound like quite a bit, but for webmasters we know that top postion only gets around half the search volume dropping this number to 50k. This depending on conversion and monetization techniques will equal one to three thousand in income. Another important factor when choosing a blog topic is your interest in the subject. Far too many people pick a traffic because of traffic alone. You need to be truly interested in the topic of blog you start. Usually you will not see the full income generation of your blog for a couple years so pick something you can write about for years.

Running a blog and earning from the traffic will require daily content creation and monetization techniques. Writing everyday is an extremely important part of blogging and will be what keeps your audience coming back. If it is impossible to write everday then you should attempt to write many articles one day and publish them throughout the week. Monetization is somewhat difficult to get the hang of. I highly recommend not picking one monetization technique and thinking that you are done because you make a little bit of money. For a blog it is a good idea to start out with ppc publishing until the blog really gets going. Once the blog starts generating traffic you should begin considering affiliate marketing with amazon, clickbank, or walmart. Another form of monetization for writers is writing an entire ebook on your niche and selling it on your blog. You can accept payments with a account.

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