Thursday, August 25, 2011

Internet Marketing For New Webmasters

If you are interested in being able to make money online or are just trying to increase free traffic the basics of internet marketing can help you reach your goals. The first thing you should know about free internet marketing is there are two different types. The first is search engine optimization and is what you should spend the majority of your time with. Search engine optimization is the process of ranking your presences well in Google and the other major search engines for keywords that represent your web presence. If your website is about internet marketing then you should be ranking your presence for the term “internet marketing” as well as “online marketing”, “website marketing”, and other related terms. The second type of internet marketing and a process that can bring thousands of visitors to your presence is social marketing. Social marketing is using social bookmarking and social networking websites to increase traffic and awareness of your presence.

After your presence is created the next step if you would like to start bringing traffic is getting indexed in the major search engines. The simplest way to do this is building links from authoritative websites. One that I have used to get my websites indexed quickly is This article directory is in the alexa top hundred and is scanned by Google regularly. You should also sign up for the major webmaster forums and place your link in the signatures. For new webmasters it is also important to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. This set of tools will allow you to gain access to information on how your websites are performing in Google and Google crawler stats.

I highly recommend that new webmasters get a link building routine. You should be building links each and every day. One good resource for consistent link building is Here you will have access to thousands upon thousands of free directories. Try building between fifty and a hundred links daily by submitting your presence to these free directories. Once you have submitted to the entire list make sure you come back weekly so you can submit to the new directories listed. After finishing the free directory list you should begin writing content daily and submitting it to a list of top article directories as well as

The final step of marketing you should be using is social marketing. There are two forms of social marketing the first being social networking. Use social networking websites such as facebook and twitter to build relationships with your readers and audience rather than promote your web presence. It is here you will actually be able to talk with your audience to see what they like and don’t like. Social bookmarking is your chance to promote your content. When you write a new article or create a new video submit it to the top social bookmarking websites such as and

If you would like to monetize the traffic that comes to your presence check out the affiliate programs on this paid surveys website.