Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Brand An Online Business

One of the best ways to make money online is becoming well known on the internet especially within your niche. When someone comes to your niche and wants to learn if you are one of the leading experts they will come to your presence which will earn you money. Before you begin branding anything you will need a presence which has plenty of quality content. During the creation of your presence branding should be a consideration. You need to choose what you will be branding your presence or yourself. When trying to decide if you plan on having multiple presences on different platforms marketing yourself would be the best option. If you are going to have one main presence which has content updated frequently such as a blog or forum then you should brand the presence.

Branding begins with the URL. You want a URL which accurately represents whatever your branding. This means if you are branding your name then use your name in the URL. If you are branding the presence name then place the websites name in your URL. Once you have the URL it will be time to begin creation. Pick a host such as,, or All of these will allow you to create a presence and host it for free. When creating your website or blog make sure you choose the title and headings carefully. You want people to either remember your name or your presences name. When creating your presence it is also important you also think about search engine optimization. These two important online business techniques will usually clash. When possible place the keywords you would like to rank well for and the name you want people to remember. One good example of this is my business blog. I wanted to brand my name, but also optimize for the term online business. In my titles I have “Online Business With Kris Beus”. Using this allows me to brand my name while optimizing for my main term.

Branding is not all done on your presence. You will also need to brand when you are internet marketing. The first thing you should rank well for in the search engines is the term you want to brand for. It is important to rank number one for this term first so be sure to build plenty of links for the term. The reason for this is when you successfully brand people will remember the name you branded for any search Google for it. You want people to find your presence on top before anyone else. This will ensure people will be able to find you when they search. Another important step when branding while marketing is using social medias correctly. Be sure your using all the major social networking and bookmarking websites across the web. These are great when trying to become well known.