Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working With Search Engines

With the amount of online businesses across the web all trying to earn money online one of the biggest determining factors for success is how well a webmaster works with the major search engines. Working with the search engines really comes down to the how much a webmaster knows about search engine optimization or the process of ranking well in the search engines for competitive keyterms. Many online business owners and webmasters confuse search engine optimization as telling the major search engines where to rank their presence. In some cases you will be lucky and be ranked well for the keywords you had hoped for, but far more often you will need to evaluate your presence and search engine position to determine what keywords you should focus on. The reason I named this article working with the search engines is if you find out what keywords you are ranking well for already and begin placing those keywords in links it will be much easier to rank well for the keywords.

To even have a chance at ranking well in the search engines you will need a presence. The best type of presence to optimize is one that you have complete control over what keywords will be placed in all areas. There are some good free web hosts such as blogger, squidoo, and others. These are fine for those who don’t know HTML and who are not planning on learning the code. The problem with these free hosts is they do all the coding for you which means you will not be able to change key optimization elements on your site. These are the parts of the code directly for search engines and are looked at the most when search engines come to your presence and determine what keywords they should rank your presence for. I recommend using a regular web host such as which gives you complete control over what you will be displaying and what will be displayed in the areas which squidoo, blogger, and wordpress will not let you change.

Once you have a presence it will be time to work on improving your search engine position or for those who are just starting out getting indexed by the search engines. It is impossible to receive web traffic from the search engines if you are not indexed. You need to let the search engines know you exist and you can do this by building links to your presence on well respected and trusted websites. Such places includes major webmaster forums such as or Digital point. You will sometimes have to post a few times before they let you add your links to the signature. Another few great places to be found are,, and All three of these article directories are ranked very well in the major search engines and if you publish a few articles on each your website will get indexed. To find out the keywords you are being ranked well for I recommend signing up for a Google Webmaster Tools Account. Google webmaster tools does a great job keeping track of all the keywords that your website is ranking well for.

If you would like to learn more about internet marketing or search engine optimization you may want to purchase a marketing ebook.