Thursday, August 25, 2011

Increasing Your Home Based Business

For those who have a small online business and are attempting to make money online one way to do so is increasing whatever you are doing. If you are running an online blogging business then you may want to play around with different monetization techniques. When I surf the blogosphere the most common monetization technique I run across is simple PPC publishing which is great. The problem with ppc publishing is the online business owner could potentially be missing out on hundreds of not thousands in monthly income. There are many other forms of monetization you should be looking at and some of these include affiliate marketing, product creation, and selling ad space. These three forms of monetization could potentially double your monthly income. Selling ad space should definitely be looked at for those who are receiving large numbers in monthly traffic, but not seeing much income.

Trying out new monetization techniques is not the only way to increase your online business. If you have one presence then you should consider creating completely new presences in new niches with different forms of content and monetization. This will grow your online business experience and allow you to find out which types of businesses will make you the most if you stick with them. When creating new online businesses I recommend using free hosting and not purchasing domain names. Doing this will ensure you will not go in debt because of these new online businesses. One form of business I recommend everyone trying out is using amazon or clickbank. You simply sign up for the affiliate program and pick a product. Once you have your product head over to blogger, hubpages, or squidoo and develop a small presence dedicated to selling the product. Rank well in the search engines for the terms that directly relate to the product. When someone goes to Google or the other major search engines looking for the product you are selling they will find and purchase the product off your site making you money.

When increasing your business be sure you have one main presence that you work on consistently. For this main presence you will want to pick keywords that have high volumes of search traffic. During marketing you should pay more attention to this site rather than your new ones. Only when you have extra time to devote to your internet marketing should you work on promoting the newer websites in your online business. You want one site that is generating the majority of your income an make sure that the site does not start sinking in the search engines because you are spending too much time on other projects. This can be one problem with starting multiple blogs. I personally only keep one blog in my online business network because the time it takes to write daily for a blog.