Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creating An Online Business Routine

One of the biggest reasons people are not able to make money online is they don’t consistently work on their business. If they do work on their business consistently then it may be quite a bit of work one day and nothing the next. For an online business to succeed you will need to work the same amount each and every day. For those that do work quite a bit in one day then you will want to spend the majority of the time creating content. Do not publish all this content the same day you write it, but rather publish one post a day and spread it out. After you publish an article on your presence you can then move onto the major article directories which will allow you to build links. Creating a routine is especially important for bloggers. A static websites audience does not expect major updates all the time, but a bloggers audience will expect updates to your blog daily. This means if you want to make money with a blog pleasing the readers should be your main goal meaning you need to write everyday or at least publish a blog post every day.

I understand many online business professionals are unable to spend more than a couple hours daily if they have a real world job. Hopefully you will have a day or two per week which you can spend over six hours and write all your content for the week. Blogger and the other major blog hosting platforms have a delayed publish feature allowing you to upload your post and decide on the date and time it will get published. For those with a static web presence marketing should be done on the days that you can spend more than an hour or two working. For those who do not have a job and can devote many hours each day to your online business one thing I strongly advise is to not overdo it. One of my biggest personal mistakes was working on a my presence ten hours daily every single day. After a while you will begin to hate your presence and online business if you spend this much time working on it. The best option is spending four to five hours each day on your presence. This will give you enough time to create content each day and market your presence.

Those new to online business or being a webmaster may struggle with many internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques and ideas. For these people it will be necessary to spend the majority of time online during the first year learning everything you can about these two subjects. You can begin learning over at This is where I learned pretty much everything I know today about search engine optimization. Finding blogs with these topics will also be helpful just be sure you follow people who promote ethical e-marketing behavior.