Monday, August 29, 2011

Finding Hosting For Your Online Business

If you think you would like to begin making money online with affiliate marketing, ppc publishing, or product creation you will need to find a host. This is where your presence will be and what will decide how much traffic you can receive to your presence. Before finding a host you should decide on a topic for your new online business. The reason for this is you want to know the possible amount of traffic. If you decide to take on a popular niche with over a hundred thousand visitors monthly it would be best to use paid hosting to support the large amount of traffic. When trying to decide on a topic some things you should take into consideration include your passion for the topic and possible traffic. The reason passion is important is the majority of online businesses fail when the creators get bored. To avoid this happening to your online business make sure you choose a topic you have interest in and have had interest in for quite some time.

There are many types of hosting both free and paid on the web. If you are interested in free hosting then the three major types of hosting include regular hosting, blog hosting, and single page hosting. All of these will allow you to create a presence for free, give you a free domain name, and allow you to earn money for free. For regular hosting one of the most popular is This resource gives you 1.5 megs of storage and 100 gigs of bandwidth. To many this may not sound like a lot, but you can easily host a website with a few hundred pages and receive over thirty thousand monthly visitors while remaining within these limitations. A couple of the free blog hosts include and These resources will give you a free domain and hosting allowing you to make money free as well. For those wanting something smaller to perhaps test a niche or online business thought out you should check out or These hosts are a bit different because they allow you to create unlimited single page presences.

When trying to decide on a hosting service to use one factor for the decision will be your knowledge of HTML and your want to learn the web language. If you do not want anything to do with HTML the blogging platforms and single page platforms have integrated what you see is what you get editors meaning you don’t need to know HTML to use these platforms. It is still a good idea to start learning HTML if you want to become a professional online business owner and if you are interested in learning the language visit for free tutorials. For those that are completely sure this is what they want to do you may want to go a step further and purchase a book from If you decided to use a regular host a couple other things you will need is an HTML editor and a ftp program. The editor I have used for years and recommend is the free coffee cup html editor which you can find by searching. For your file transfer needs one of the best is file zilla and can be found at

Once you get your presence up and running if you are interested in monetization check out these paid surveys affiliate programs.