Monday, August 8, 2011

Focus On Free Internet Marketing

There are many new online business owners that create a presence and begin marketing with the hope of being able to earn money online. The problem is people think that online business is like real world business and you need money before you can start earning money. This is not the case you can get free hosting and market your presence for free. Most people usually do not have a problem finding a free host such as,, or The problem arises after website creation. After you create a presence whether static website or blog traffic is difficult to come by. You may be submitting your posts to social bookmarking and article directories with little if any success. Even after submitting to pinging services and exchanging links you may not see much in terms of traffic volume. This is why people turn away from free internet marketing and start paying. Usually when people pay for traffic they can not make enough with their presence to pay for the traffic.

The best tip any new webmaster can get is don’t give up in the first year. Remember that you will need to catch up with all the other websites in your niche. These websites have been around for years. What this means is you must catch them in links and the trust they have built with Google. The best thing you can do with a new website or blog is begin a link building and content creation schedule. Make sure you have something you can stick with. What I recommend doing is writing one article per day and after the article spend two hours submitting the article to different article directories. You can also submit your presence to free web directories, comment on blogs, and post in forums during this two hours. Doing this everyday for months will start catching you up to the rest of websites in your niche.

If you want to market a website for free then it is important to focus on two different forms of free internet marketing. The first is social marketing and consists of social networking and social bookmarking. Having a social presence is great especially if your content ranks well on the top of social bookmarking websites such as or The only problem with this form of free internet marketing is the ups and downs. If you need consistency a better option would be ranking your presence well in the major search engines. To do this you need links and excellent content on the presence you are marketing. The first place that I begin building links for a new presence is This resource has thousands of free web directories which will give you a great foundation. When submitting to these directories be sure you place the keywords you would like to rank well for in the website title box. The next step is submitting the content you write to article directories. You can find a list of article directories if you search Google for “list of article directories”. When article marketing focus on the top article directories.

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