Saturday, August 6, 2011

How To Start An Online Business

There are many misconceptions about starting an online business. One of the ones which I have heard is when people say it is easy to succeed with online business especially using search engine optimization. It is very possible to make money online, but do not think for a minute you can work an hour or two daily and beat out thousands of webmasters. If you are willing to work hard and as much as you can with the correct information it will be possible to reach the top of Google for whatever keywords you choose. Before this happens it is important to create a website, market the website using white hat search engine optimization, and finally monetize the website. This is the recommended steps and all of these can be done completely free. Before you begin it is important to understand success online will take minimum one year. This is the amount of time you will need to learn everything you need to know for success.

Finding a quality host should be your first priority. When choosing a host one of the most important aspects of hosting to think about is the amount of website traffic the host can handle. Do not use a host that has a low amount of bandwidth unless you are not expecting very much traffic. For those wanting to earn a full time income or at least a few hundred a month stick with a large bandwidth web hosts such as,, and will have the fewest restrictions when it comes to what your content can and cannot be. If you go with blogger or wordpress be sure to read their policy to make sure your website follows the policy. This will ensure you do not get banned because of content. If you are running any get paid to or make money online presence do not use blogger or wordpress.

Once you have your presence starting your internet marketing campaign will be the next step. For a newer online business owner this will potentially be overwhelming. The best way to learn about internet marketing in the beginning is learning all the different types of internet marketing separately. Article marketing, blog commenting, niche marketing, forums, and social marketing are just a few. After you get a list of all the different forms of marketing you should begin learning these things in depth. Some of the best places to begin learning about these forms of marketing and to learn about any new forms is the major webmaster forums and major blogs. My two favorite webmaster forums include digital point and v7n. Both of these forums contain hundreds of thousands of webmasters willing to help answer your questions about internet marketing.