Saturday, August 27, 2011

Understanding Google and Search Engine Optimization

For those who are trying to make money online by ranking their presence well in Google there are a few things you should understand. First and foremost not everyone can rank in the top ten for a given keyword or term. The only way you will ever rank in the top ten for a competitive keyterm is if you actually take the years to learn everything you can about search engine optimization. Not only will it take years to learn, but also years to implement an internet marketing campaign which will see these high results. The most important rule of internet marketing is persistence. You will need persistence both when learning about search engine optimization and implementing search engine optimization. No one gets it right on their first try so expect to fail the first few times you attempt to rank for any keyword. After the first failed attempt many think earning money online is impossible and abandon their online dreams. Don’t give up on yourself or online business because of one failed attempt.

To begin ranking well for major keyterms you will need to first optimize your website for the terms. This means placing the terms densely on your presence making sure not to overdo it. If you place the terms too many times on your presence Google will think you are trying to manipulate the search and drop you down deep in the serps (search engine ranking pages). When implementing keywords on your site the density you should shoot for is around 5 percent repetition. If you think you are going over that then try using other words that mean the same thing. One good example is if you are ranking your presence for “make money online” a keyword that you could use instead is “earn money online”. These two keywords are very close so they will help push you presence up for both. You should also be making sure every internal link on your presence uses keywords rather than generic terms. Get rid of the word home and use your website title instead.

The final step of search engine optimization you should be working on is building external links. This will be the most difficult part of running an online business so learn everything you can about this subject. One of the very best places you can go if interested in learning more about link building is or Digital Point Forums. It is here you can ask thousands of helpful webmasters for the link building lists they use. Some of the link building techniques you should be using for a new online business includes link exchanges, article marketing, blog posting, blog commenting, and free directory submission. Whenever I create a new presence the first link building resource I utilize is the thousands of free directories over at directory critic. Just be sure you use the keywords you would like to rank well for in the “site name” input box.