Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well Rounded Online Promotion

When you begin an online business it may be difficult since in the beginning you will be unable to make money online free. This can change if you are persistent for months working on a well rounded marketing campaign. Usually when it comes to free internet marketing those who spread out their marketing efforts will see much more traffic for every hour they spend marketing. This is because when you spread out your marketing efforts Google and the other major search engines will look at your incoming links which will be coming in from all over and think they are natural. You will also be receiving traffic from all the major social marketing websites where you will have a chance to interact with potential clients and business partners. When you find a marketing procedure that truly works you should spend extra time on it. Do not give up on all the other forms of marketing, but if you found something that truly helps your presence it is ok to place extra importance on the marketing technique.

One of the first forms of marketing you should begin focusing on is search engine optimization. If you rank well in the search engines for popular keywords making money will be much easier. The main goal of internet marketing is getting targeted traffic to your website which will purchase your products or sign up for your programs. To rank well in the search engines the first step is working on your presence. The first thing you need to do is figure out what keywords you would like to rank well for. To do this go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type a keyword into this tool and it will bring up the monthly traffic. Using this tool will allow you to find all the keywords worth going after. I recommend picking at least one major keyword which has over 50k monthly traffic. It is good idea to pick four or five other keywords which has less traffic.

When trying to rank well in the search engines link building will be important. A link from one website to another is a vote. Google will count all the votes and the more you have the higher your presence will rank. There are many different places you can begin building links. When building links you should focus on easy links first then when these resources are exhausted move onto the links which require much more effort on your part to get. Some of the easily link building areas online include free directory submission and link exchanges. For free directory submission I recommend going over to which has literally thousands of free web directories. Link exchanges used to be difficult until was created. This is a directory full of websites who WANT to exchange links with you. Using these two resources you should be able to build thousands of keyword anchored links.

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