Friday, August 5, 2011

Choosing Keywords For Your Website

Knowing about search engine optimization will help greatly when setting up your web presence, but if you knew nothing it is possible to go back and change things around to help your presence out in the search engines. Search engine optimization is the key if you would like to being increasing the amount of website traffic you are currently getting. The first step of search engine optimization is choosing keywords which represent your presence and if ranked well for will bring you the desired income. There are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing a website and the first is seo should not be your main goal. Ranking well in search engines is fine for increasing traffic, but if the traffic that comes hates your website then all the work to rank well goes down the drain. Rather than worrying about what the search engines think worry about what your visitors think. Check the bounce rate and time on your web presence if these are not good then you need to make changes to improve your presence.

To pick keywords you need to have them both represent your presence and have enough traffic to satisfy income goals. For this there are a few different tools the first being common sense. If you are targeting keywords which do not represent your website then don’t expect to do well in the search engines. If your content is about paying surveys then have survey companies and information about how to get paid to take surveys on your web presence. You may want to go all out and create an article directory which will be extremely helpful to your audience. In the beginning pick the direct keywords and keyterms which accurately represent your website. Once you have reached a top position for these keywords attempt to become more generalized and start attacking some of the bigger keywords.

This is actually a difficult idea to grasp and the best way to do so is see an example. If you create a blog about building backlinks then you will want to focus on the keywords which directly represent your blog such as “backlink building”, “build backlinks”, “building backlinks”, “how to building backlinks”, and similar phrases. Once you reach the top of Google for these keywords it is time to begin focusing on keywords which are much more competitive, but also have a much higher value in terms of traffic volume. Some of the bigger keywords would be “internet marketing”, “website marketing”, “online promotion”, and similar big keywords. To see how much traffic a keyword has and get some idea the competition go to Google adwords keyword tool which you can find on the Google Adwords website. Place the keyterm in this tool and you will see the exact amount of traffic. The more monthly search volume the traffic has the more competitive the term in most circumstances.