Saturday, August 13, 2011

Following Your Online Business Dreams

If you have ever wanted the ability to earn money online free then you must start somewhere. Those who have an internet connection and computer have the ability to begin making money. The first thing you need is an idea of how money is generated in the online business world. Making money online is not like other forms of business. You will not work an hour and get paid for that hour. In most cases if you start an online business the first year will be catching up with the rest of your niche. Remember they have been online working for years. Google and the other search engiens as well as the online community have a trust with these presences that have been around for years. If you would like to join these other presences at the top of the search engines then you must be willing to put in time. Work really hard for around a year and you will begin seeing the pay off.

Setting up your online business will actually be the easiest part of making money online. You can begin with a free presence just to get the feel for running an online business. Once you see success with these free presences and feel you could potentially earn more with unlimited paid hosting feel free to move up. Some of the most common free hosts that new people set up online businesses with include,, and All of these are absolutely free to join, give you a free sub domain name, and will let you earn money for free. When you pick a host it will also be necessary to pick a topic for your online business and a product or program. One example I can give is my personal business is in the topic of “internet marketing” and I sale “internet marketing ebooks”.

Once you have everything set up and your ready to make money it will be important to focus on getting traffic to your presence. This will be the most difficult part or the most expensive part of running your online business. There are two types of marketing paid and free. Paid marketing consists of buying a banner placement, google adwords, or purchasing internet marketing systems. These are great for traffic boosts, but should not be the majority of your online marketing campaign. Stick with free permanent marketing for the majority of your traffic. This means you need to get your website to the top of Google and the other major search engines. In most cases for most keywords once you reach the top you will stay there for quite a while. Remember for someone to pass you they must build more links so if you have thousands and thousands few will actually put in the work to pass your presence.