Monday, August 22, 2011

Earning Money Without Money

One of the most common questions asked online is how to make money online free. Simply put if someone is wanting to make money online then they usually don’t have much if any to spend. It is possible to begin earning money without spending a dime. There are a few ways to earn money free. The first way to begin earning is the get paid to take surveys websites, get paid to read email websites, and get paid to write articles websites. You can also hit the major webmaster forums and offer webmasters services such as link building and content creation. These are the basic ways to begin earning money, but the money you earn will probably not be enough to work from home full time. If you are wanting to earn thousands each month the best option would be creating, marketing, and monetizing a web presence which is also known as creating an online business.

To create an online business the first couple of things needed is an idea and a presence. When you begin thinking of an idea one important consideration is your interest. Don’t pick a topic only because you think it will bring traffic and earn money. Pick a topic because you have a true interest in it. This will convey through your content and you will not grow bored after a couple of months working. Finding a host and creating a website is much easier than what most people think. There are many hosts out on the web and if you have no money there are plenty of free hosts. For those without the money to purchase hosting I recommend using This host is completely free and will not place banner ads all over your web presence. The only problem with running a free host is it will have bandwidth and storage restrictions so be prepared to create multiple free presences on multiple free hosts.

When creating a presence you should place monetization links and ads on your presence so you can begin earning money. There are many ways to begin earning money which include ppc publishing, affiliate marketing, selling ad space, and selling your own products. PPC publishing can be done by signing up with websites such as or Google Adsense. Once you sign up for the ppc program create an ad and place the HTML on your presence. When visitors come to your site and click the ads you will make money. Affiliate marketing is a bit more intensive, but allows you to earn more and sale products that are extremely targeted to your traffic. Some of the quality affiliate marketing programs you should be looking at include,, and You will find thousands of products in every niche imaginable. Selling ad space can be done after you reach the top of Google for competitive keyterms. You can create simple 125x125 boxes and sale them from twenty dollars monthly to a couple hundred depending on the amount of traffic you are getting to your presence.