Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding The Right SEO Keywords

Webmasters and online business professionals want to rank their presence well in Google and the other major search engines for the terms that they would like to rank well for. The problem is nobody knows exactly how the major search engines decide to rank websites. What will usually happen is the webmasters will place a few terms on their site and build links for a select list of keywords. In most instances this will help rank the site bringing in decent web traffic. Now what the webmasters sometimes miss is what Google and the other major search engines are actually thinking about their website. Once external links begin pointing towards your website giving it more authority in the search engines your site will begin rising. To take full advantage of this you need to know all the terms your website beginning to rank higher for. You should also know the monthly search volume for these keywords to see how much effort you should use to optimize for these keywords.

Google webmaster tools is one of the most useful search engine optimization tools on the web to date. This tool will show you exactly what Google thinks about your web presence. If you have not already signed up for webmaster tools be sure to do so. You can find it in your Google account settings or by searching Google for it. For those who are unable to index their website in the major search engines this tool will look through your site and let you know the crawler permissions that have been set up. Sometimes when setting up a site the hosting company will place these permissions to no crawl making it impossible for the search engine spiders to even look at your site. One of the best SEO tools on Google webmaster tools is the search queries. This is where you find out exactly what you are ranking well for and what you should be optimizing and link building for. First look at the list of terms you are ranking for and the average position of your website. If it is sitting on page two or three then very little optimization and link building will be needed to raise your site to position one.

You should also be using this tool with the Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by doing a quick Google search. The adwords tool will allow you to find out exactly how much monthly volume any given keyword has letting you know if it has enough volume to help you earn money online. If you only have a few keywords in the list of search queries then you should build more links for wanted terms which will help your website rise for many different terms. You will notice Google ranking your website within the top few pages for terms that have a decent amount of traffic. Usually terms that are at the very least equal to your original terms which you optimized your site for. These terms you need to focus on when internet marketing.