Monday, August 8, 2011

Online Business With Squidoo and Clickbank

One of the most common questions I get is people wondering how to make money online. In this economy people are needing other ways to earn a supplemental income. Once of the best ways to begin earning money is by using affiliate marketing. To those who haven’t heard of affiliate marketing they may automatically think scam or scheme. Remember that affiliate marketing is when you sale someone elses product for a commission. Some of the companies you may have heard of which have affiliate programs include walmart and amazon. Both of these companies offer around a 4% affiliate program. This article will be covering clickbank which has much higher commission rates and squidoo which is a free web host.

First what you will need is an account with clickbank. It will only take minutes to set up and the account is absolutely free. Once you get the account set up it is possible to begin looking through the different products. One of the reasons I really enjoy incorporating clickbank with my online business is they sale digital products. This means that people purchase and download all in one place. They will have products in almost every niche so you should be able to find something that you have some interest in. When looking through the different products one thing I recommend is not making your decision on the average amount of money earned per sale. Just because a product will earn you more does not mean it will sale better. You need to chose a product on how popular it is and the competitiveness of the niche it is in. If you already have experience in a niche then the best option will be choosing a product to sale in the niche. The reason for this is you already know the competition, audience, and prized keywords.

To turn the product into an online business you must create a presence around the product. This can be done on a number of hosts, but for this article I will walk through creating a clickbank product squidoo lens. To begin sign up for squioo and create a lens. You do not want to have the lens be a sales page, but rather be full of informative content relevant to the products niche. Make sure you take time when picking the URL and title to find the best keywords for your lens. I recommend using a few different modules to make the lens more appealing. Write an article around 500 hundred words to give your lens value. Pictures, videos, and a blog are all great to add to the lens making it much easier to read. When the lens is dond you will need to treat this lens like any other website or blog you own and market it accordingly. Submit the lens to directories and add it to the resource box when article marketing. Make sure to target the keywords “buy product name” first then spread out to more general keywords.

If you need more help with your marketing you may want to consider purchasing some internet marketing ebooks.