Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Increase Page Rank

For those that would like to learn how to make money online you will need to learn about internet marketing. If you visit webmaster forums such as you will be bombarded with terms you may be unfamiliar with. In this article I would like to break down one of the terms which you may see, but not recognize. Page rank is the way in which Google grades the popularity of a website by judging the incoming links and reflecting that in a number from 0 to 10. Every link you create on a page which has been indexed by Google will help increase the page rank. Now one thing which confuses webmasters and bloggers is they think when they gain page rank they will increase their position within the SERPs. Sadly this is not the case, page rank does not reflect where your website will fall for any given term. This is decided by the words on your website and the keywords within the links coming into your website.

When you go to increase page rank if you want to increase your free web traffic then you will need to build links with words between the anchor tags. The majority of places which will let you build links want you to place a title for the link. If you do this not only will your page rank begin to increase you will also notice your website rising in Google for the term. One thing to remember before you begin marketing is when you want to market a website you must be in it for the long run. The first year when operating an online business expect very little earning. This is the time which you should be attempting to catch the rest of online businesses in your niche. They have been at work for years building links and marketing. The nice thing is when they reach the top in most cases marketing will slack to the point of only keeping their position.

There are many places you can build links to increase your page rank. The first place I recommend starting is the thousands of free web directories over at Most of these directories will allow you to add a website title which is where you should place they keywords you would like to rank well for. Submitting to these directories will take weeks since there are literally thousands of them. Once you have submitted to these directories start writing articles on a regular basis. There are plenty of places you can submit your article the first place to publish a freshly created article is your own web presence. Once Google has found the article on your website submit it to all the top article directories which you can find by doing a Google search and If you are interested in furthering your link building you may want to consider link exchanges. The two ways to do link exchanges is either search out and find websites you would like to exchange links with or join a website like which has a directory of websites wanting to exchange links.

After a while of marketing you will find your position, page rank, and traffic increasing. If you would like to monetize the new traffic check out the affiliate programs on these paid survey websites.