Friday, July 22, 2011

Earning Money Online By Increasing Free Web Traffic

If you have ever wondered how people are able to make money online they are building a website which they monetize and then market. The process is simple, but actually putting your presence up against the millions out across the web is where the challenge comes from. To succeed online you will need to be willing to dedicate time to learning everything you can about the mechanics of online business. You should also be learning everything you can about free internet marketing and search engine optimization. If you are able to master these two then you will be able to rank a website for any keyword you would like to rank well for. To make money it is important that you learn how to create links and market your website effectively. Once traffic begins hitting your website all you need to do for income generation is place a simple Google Adsense ad or start affiliate marketing with amazon, clickbank, or paid to take surveys websites.

To even have a chance at earning money you must develop a presence to market. There are many free places out there that will give you a free presences such as,, and All of these will give you enough space and bandwidth to possibly earn thousands of dollars each month. Creating a presence is actually quite easy. If you decide to use one of the free blogging platforms remember you will need to keep a consistent writing schedule. If you choose to go with a staic web presence you will still need to update the presence with content, but you will not have to update nearly as often compared with a blogging platform. A couple places that are great for small side projects are and These web hosts allow you to create single page presences and share the income they generate with you. You can also place links to affiliate programs or products on these single pages to test whether or not developing an entire website will be worthwhile.

Creating a presence to make money is one of the easiest parts of online business. Marketing on the other hand will be what takes up all your time. To run a successful internet marketing campaign you will need to have many different marketing techniques all working together. There are many to choose from including article marketing, link exchanges, blog commenting, social bookmarking, social networking, guest posting, and forum posting. These are of course not all the ways to market a website, but do cover many of the basics. If you would like to rank well in Google and the other major search engines it will be necessary to learn everything you can about search engine optimization. To learn SEO go to or search Google for a SEO tutorial.