Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Earning A Monthly Income

When people want to make money online they will usually not have a plan in the beginning. This is normal since making money online is a new process and to these people I highly advice attempting to set up a monthly income rather than getting paid for services up front. During the first few months this will be a very low amount, but as times goes on you will be making more each month then you could have ever doing regular work. This type of income is residual and if you are able to stick with it long enough you will begin making enough money to live off of without having to do anything. This will be the end goal and getting there is a long road filled with a lot of work and little income. If making money online was easy then everyone would do it, but it takes a certain type of individual one who does not give up no matter what. Finding this type of persistence should be your first step. If you create an online business and are not sure if it is something you really want to do then in two to three months you will have given up. Now if you create the online business without even letting the thought of failing drift through you mind then you are on the right path.

To begin earning money monthly there will be a couple things you will need to do. The first is finding a host and creating your new online business. This is quite a bit easier with the creation of wysiwyg editors. These allow you to create a website without any knowledge of HTML or other web languages. You can also head over to blogger.com or wordpress.com and create a free blog which will also allow you to create an online business without any knowledge of code. Once you have decided on a host then begin creating your website on whatever topic you feel will interest you for years to come. With the amount of search volume any topic will have at least a few decent keywords. You should also place some type of monetization on your website. Most people will start out with Google Adsense, but with all the restrictions I prefer doing affiliate marketing with these paid survey websites.

The final step is getting people to click on the ads or links which will start earning you an income. This will be the most difficult step and will be the deciding factor for your success. If you are able to reach the top of Google and hold a position for a top keyword making money will be quite easy. There are two different types of traffic. Paid traffic is traffic bought off different websites or the major search engines themselves. This is ok for those with a large pocket book, but a better approach would be focusing on free web traffic. This is getting traffic from places such as article directories, social websites, video sharing websites, and search engine results pages. Free internet marketing is of course much more difficult than paying, but in the end you will have quite a bit more money.