Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Internet Marketing Techniques

This article will be great for anyone who is interested in being able to make money online with their web presence. There are many different ways to market your web presence for free and if you know the basics of search engine optimization you will be able to find more ways for yourself. The reason you need to know search engine optimization is if you rank well in Google free web traffic will come organically. All you will need to do if you would like to earn money is monetize the traffic you get from Google and the other major search engines. This can be done by matching the keywords generated by either ads, affiliate links, or automatically with ppc publishing. You must first rank well in Google for whatever term you would like to rank well for. This is done by building links on quality websites which are in the same niche as your website. You will want to make sure the links have the keywords you want to rank well for in the anchor tags. This is how Google will know what to rank you well for.

One of the most basic ways to market your website is using the free directories and free article directories that are across the web. Article marketing has many benifits most of which will allow a continual and residual source of both traffic and links. This is because publishers will come to the article directory looking for content to publish on their web presence. If they decide to publish your work to avoid copy write they must place the resource links under the article. The more your article is republished the more links you will get for submitting one article. To find a list of article directories simply go to Google and search for “list of article directories”. If you would like to receive the maximum benefit for submitting your articles be sure to submit your articles to the most visited article directories such as,, and If you would like to build a few thousand keyword anchored backlinks with free web directories visit and submit to their list of free web directories.

Article directories and web directories are some of the more common ways to gain links. There are thousands of other resources which will allow you to build links. Most blogs offer an option to guest post which means you will get to post an article on their blog and in exchange you will get a link from the post back to your site. Link exchanges are great for those websites starting out and one of the best resources for those wanting to exchange links is You should also consider increasing the amount of presences you have by using the numerous resources out across the web. Make sure with every new presence you build a link goes out to the major old presences you own. When you market the new presence the links pointing towards the old presence will increase in authority and help your older presences rank better.

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