Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running An Internet Business

There are many people out on the net that would like to make money online. This is not something that can be completed, but rather an ongoing process. Starting a presence will be the first step and is one of the easiest. There are hundreds of free places you can go to begin a free website or blog. Some of the most common and easiest to use includes,,,, and These will all allow you to create a presence and earn money from that presence as long as you successfully drive free web traffic. This required either a large internet marketing budget or an understanding of free internet marketing and seo techniques. The final process to creating a successful internet business is selecting monetization methods that suit your audience and web presence the best. Personally I think the best way to succeed online is having multiple presences and multiple monetization techniques. If you do this then if one presence or monetization method fails you will have back ups.

One important factor for a successful business is choosing a niche which you have expertise in and has a large enough audience to successfully meet your online income goals. To know the amount of people you will need to your site you will need to know the conversion rate of your site. There are a lot of different factors that need to be looked at when trying to figure out the conversion rate of your site. Remember that all traffic is not created equal. You want the highest targeted which means they searched Google specifically for what you have. It is extremely important that you rank your website for all the terms that match your website directly. This will mean when traffic comes to your website they will be looking for exactly what you have.

The two things I recommend doing for a successful business is creating an internet marketing campaign which is continuous and always creating new pages, websites, and blogs. These two go hand in hand because with every new presence you will have new backlinks which will help the rest of your presences rank higher in Google. Websites such as,, and Googles Knol will allow you to create single pages so if you don’t have a lot of time these will help. Also make sure you are creating new static websites since they don’t need to be updated often and can make just as much as any dynamic web presence. For the internet marketing getting to the top of Google will be the main challenge when you start. Before you begin go to or visit Google and search for seo tutorial to begin learning the basics. Once you have learned the basics persist until you reach the top of Google for whatever keywords you are trying to rank well for.

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