Monday, July 18, 2011

An Internet Business Idea

If you are interested in learning how to make money online all you need to begin is an idea. Finding something to put in your head which will drive you will put you above the majority out there. Many think about running an internet business, but really have no starting point or foundation. This article will hopefully give you an idea which you will find something to work from. The first thing you will need is a host. For those brand new to the online business world it is highly recommended that you use free hosting. This will allow you to give up and not be in your business hundreds of dollars. Remember that internet business is not for everyone so experiment with free resources to find out if your up for the challenge. You can always move onto paid resources if you are able to make money from the free resources. Some of the easy and free hosting resources includes,,,, and All of these will allow you to create a free web presence which you will be able to earn money from if marketed properly.

The next step after setting up a presence is building free web traffic. You will need hundreds of visitors each day before you begin seeing decent profit. The only way to get this is either working hard on ranking your website in Google and the other major search engines or paying hundreds for traffic each month. When deciding remember if you begin building links and ranking well in Google the traffic will continue to flow without much work. It is extremely difficult to rank in Google, but once you do maintaining a position is a hundred times easier compared to getting to the top. There are many free marketing resources out there that will drive traffic and help with serps position. Two of the most basic and useful include free web directories and article directories. For a list of a few thousand free web directories go to Article marketing is about quality rather than quantity. Stick with the top article directories such as,,, and

Now you have your website up and have a marketing strategy in place it is time to start working on monetization. Getting traffic to your web presence is difficult, but if you dont monetize then you will not make money when the traffic arrives. The two most common ways of making money from traffic includes ppc publishing and affiliate marketing. For ppc publishing go to Google Adsense and sign up for an account, create an ad, and publish the ad on your web presence. Affiliate marketing is a little more intense, but also has a higher potential pay off. For affiliate marketing the two best websites include and These two have thousands upon thousands of products so there will be something you can sale no matter what niche you chose.