Saturday, July 30, 2011

Internet Marketing For The New Online Business

There are many forms of internet marketing and the most difficult is marketing a brand new website. The first thing you will need to do is focus on getting indexed in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once indexed you will be able to begin improving search engine position for keywords. When you begin don’t focus on being able to make money online. You will first want to create a productive helpful presence. Focus on the usefulness of your website making sure that it is filled with plenty of content updated regularly. When people hit your site you want them to have plenty of information this will be what brings them back over and over. The more times a visitor returns the greater chance you will have to make money from them. Once your website is set up with useful information and is fully functional it will be time to begin marketing.

Marketing a new website can be done in many ways. One important thing to keep in mind is during the first year web traffic will be slow. This is the time you will attempt to catch the rest of websites in your niche. The first way to market a new presence is submitting your link to a few thousand free web directories. These can be found over at Here you will find thousands of free web directories which will allow you to build free one way links. This is how you will get indexed in the major search engines. Getting indexed will not be an immediate instance, but rather take a couple weeks after submission. You need to give the directory time to review and publish your link then give time for Google to find the directory and your link. When submitting to directories make sure to place the keywords you would like to rank well for in the website title.

After submitting to the directories it will be time to begin using other forms of link building to improve your website or blogs search engine position. There are many different forms of link building and some of the most important include article marketing, link exchanges, social websites, and blog commenting. One form of link building which many people overlook is creating an online business network and link between all your pages, sites, and blogs. If you decide to create a network be sure to pick one or two presences to be your mains. Spend most of your time marketing and working on these main presences and if you have extra time work on extra presences or pages. Use resources such as squidoo and hubpages if you are short on time. These will allow you to create single page presences.

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