Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Create An Internet Business

If you are interested in being able to make money online one option to consider would be creating an internet business. To the majority of people out there this may seem difficult or overwhelming, but the reality is creating and operating an online business is actually quite easy. The first year or so will be the most difficult time because you will need to learn the ropes. The first thing you should attempt to tackle is the basic web language HTML. This is the language most websites are created in and will allow you to modify and create web pages. If you want to earn money this code is a valuable tool to master. Once you feel comfortable writing code in HTML the next step will be finding a host for your website. The hosting company I started with and the one I still use today is It is a free hosting service which offers 1.5 megs of storage and a 100 gigs of bandwidth.

If you prefer not to learn HTML you may want to consider writing a blog. Blogging platforms such as and will allow you to create and operate a blog on their server for free. The only problem with blogging is if you want success the blog will need to be updated on a regular basis. Whether you create a blog or static website it will be important to pick a topic. The topic of your internet business will determine the amount of possible traffic and the amount of competition. In 99% of cases the amount of traffic a certain keyword or topic gets will equal the amount of competition. This means if you pick a topic which has tons of searches such as free web traffic, make money online, gambling, porn, or other high searched terms you will have to work harder to reach the top, but when you reach top the earning potential will far outweigh the amount of work. If someone is starting out brand new to the online world going up against the best and brightest internet marketers may be somewhat disheartening for these new players the best option would be trying for a less competitive niche.

Now you have the host chosen (hopefully free hosting) and a topic it is time to bring it all together into an internet business. This is when you should begin creating content and publishing it on your website or blog. Before you begin any type of marketing be sure your internet business is fully operational. This means no broken links in the navigation and the majority of your content is up. To make money you will need to chose some type of monetization. The most common type is Google Adsense which you can find by going to Google. Another popular type of monetization is affiliate marketing and personally my favorite type of affiliate marketing is the get paid to take surveys programs.