Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Building One Way Links When Marketing Online

One of the few well known facts about Google and the other major search engines is they use the link count of a website to determine the websites popularity. This means a website which has many one way links pointing towards it is popular within the web community and should be ranked higher. In the SEO community this has created link building which is when you create links using white hat sources such as free web directories and free article directories in an attempt to rank your website higher in the major search engines. Building links is the only way to begin ranking well, but to reach the top you will need quality content updated on a regular basis. If you do have quality content webmasters and bloggers will link to it because it will help their audience and therefore making their presence more helpful and useful to their audience. Creating content like this is called link bait in the webmaster world and is crucial for long term success. One amazing article can drive countless links and traffic to your website forever.

The problem with great content or link bait is it does not have much value until people begin reading it. To get people to your website link building and other forms of promotion will be needed. To begin building linsk that will help rank your website in the major search engines head over to directorycritic.com. This place has thousands of free directories which means you can possibly get thousands of free backlinks keyword optimized for the keywords you would like to rank well for. The next place I like getting links is article directories and forums. These two will require you to create content and in exchange you will receive links. Neither of these places will tolerate spammers so be sure your focus is on sharing information rather than link building and you will be fine. The final place I really enjoy link building is freetrafficsystem.com and is an article distribution system that publishes your article on different blogs with keyword anchored links.

Building links should not be your only marketing techniques especially if your interested in being able to make money online with your web presence. You will need all the traffic possible and one of the forms of traffic booming right now on the web is social websites both networking and bookmarking. Some of the places you need to be on include twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, and delicious. These are all great for website promotion as long as you are tactful with your approach and do not spam under any circumstances. Remember that when you spam it is seen as someone who has no clue what they are doing usually someone brand new to the online business world. You want to be seen as a respected member of the online business community so always put community input above self promotion.