Monday, July 11, 2011

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

There are many misconceptions about online business and one of the biggest is affiliate marketing is the same as a pyramid scheme. To understand the the faulty logic behind this you must understand what a pyramid scheme is compared to affiliate marketing. A pyramid scheme is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing because both require you to build a downline. The difference is where the money is generated. With a pyramid scheme the income generation comes solely from the downline generated. This means the company as a whole does not sale anything but memberships so the only way to make money is being at the top. Affiliate marketing on the other hand is when you market a real business. Personally my favorite type of affiliate marketing is marking get paid to take surveys websites. The way this works is you send the survey company people to take surveys and will be paid a percentage of what the survey takers make. The reason these companies are not pyramid schemes is where they generate income. Rather than making their members pay, outside companies pay these survey companies for the completed surveys.

If you are alone and want to make money online affiliate marketing is the way to go. This will let one man generate an income as high or low as they want. Not many other forms of online business allow one person to accomplish working from home full time. The only other form of income generation which I know of where one person can make quite a bit is ppc publishing. This is when you place ads on your presence and you are paid a small amount for every person that clicks on the ad. It is possible to make thousands this way, but you will need a tremendous amount of traffic before you begin earning enough to make working online your full time job.

To begin your new online business the first thing you will need is a presence. There are hundreds of sites online which offer free hosting. All you need to do is search Google for “free website hosting” or go to one of the major blogging platforms ( or which offers free blog hosting. The hosting doesnt matter as long as you get a reasonable amount of storage and bandwidth. When setting it up there are many different places to go if you want to start affiliate marketing. One place which has every item imaginable is This website is amazing for those who are wanting to make money. Make money online websites also have quality affiliate marketing websites which are quite easy to market since it allows people to make money if they sign up.

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