Thursday, June 2, 2011


The people in this world are consumed with worry constantly thinking about what others around them think. One of my strongest attributes is not caring what you think of me and being able to do and be who I am. Having a will of iron carries a significant price since I am unable or unwilling to bend. This has lead me to some of my greatest accomplishments, but also has caused me some of the most severe heartache. When it is all said and done looking back over my life there may be a few regrets, but I will never regret being me.

Imagine walking out your door in pure solace letting people pass them without empowering them by giving your thoughts freely. This will and cannot be done quickly, easily, or without work. It is human nature to rent space out within your mind giving it to other people. This will come in the form of worry, anger, or even curiosity. It is fine to think about someone else the problem arises when the thoughts about someone else overpower your will and you start behaving for that person. What I mean by this is if you are worried about the person sitting next to you thinking poorly of you for sharing your mind so you chose to keep quite you have given that person power over you and in the meantime lost individuality.

How do we go day in and day out never giving ourselves over to others. This is the definition of confidence. You believe in yourself enough to be yourself not worrying about what others will do or say. In the beginning fighting off the urge to please others will be extremely difficult, but if you are able to do this even for a single day the freedom you feel will be overwhelming. There is absolutely nothing like being your own individual and having your thoughts without worry. Letting your mind flow without the blocks of other people. I have met few people that can do this and that do this. The majority of people I have met let what other people think about them dictate their actions down to the last movement.

My challenge to you is try this for one whole day. You will need to put it in your head you will not worry about what someone else will think of you. Do what you want and believe in yourself. This of course does not mean you should become self serving, all I am saying is stop worrying about the rest of the world and focus on becoming yourself rather than what others would prefer.