Sunday, June 26, 2011

Creative Internet Marketing

In this article you will find a mix of normal internet marketing tactics and creative internet marketing tactics. The only difference between the two is creative internet marketing techniques are not used by the masses so if you decide to implement them correctly the chances of you passing the average internet marketer will increase significantly. All the internet marketing techniques discuss will help anyone who is interested in being able to make money online and who would like to increase free web traffic. If you have enough time in the day I recommend you use all techniques discussed in this article.

First off I would like to discuss the regular internet marketing tactics. These are the things that the majority of internet marketers do and will not rank you very well in the search engines unless you do them all day every day. Normal internet marketing tactics include writing articles and submitting them to article directories, submitting to the top social bookmarking websites, submitting to free web directories, link exchanges, traffic exchanges, blog commenting, and other normal internet marketing activities. If you need a full list go to any major webmaster forum and ask where you can build links they will throw hundreds if not thousands of resources at you. These resources are great and should be utilized, but the purpose of this article is to push past the normal and think about some of the ways internet marketing is not used.

The first technique that I would like to discuss is a twist on link bait. The average definition of link bait is an article or other piece of text which attracts links without the creator having to ask or place links on their presence. Well you don’t have to create text and I have seen other forms of content perform much better. Some of the best forms of creative link bait include creating website templates then giving them out for free, but making those who take it leave a link to your website. This would of course work with software or other forms of code that you create and distribute (chat room code, forum code, guest book code ect) make sure that the people leave a link at the bottom that says created by “Your Site” and every time someone comes to get whatever you have they will give a free link.

The second creative marketing technique is thinking how you can help other websites and rather than charging them money you can ask for a link back to your website or blog. There are so many services that could be offered for links. Some of the basic ones include helping someone start a blog with the request that they put a link to your website. You could offer businesses testimonials with the request they put a link to your site. Wherever you look there will be someone that could use you and rather than charging them simply ask them for a one way link.