Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Couple Ways To Make Money Online

If you do a simple search for “Make Money Online” it will bring up thousands upon thousands of websites which will help you make money. The problem is the majority of websites will not be helpful and a handful will be scams. Few will actually be helpful when it comes to help you start an online business. In my experience the two major ways to make money online include the paying survey websites and start an actual online business. Choosing between the two will depend on the amount of time you will be able to spend online. If you have many hours everyday then you should attempt to create an online business. Taking surveys is great for those that have a hectic schedule and can only put in an hour once in a while. These two different ways of making money will be the most legit and free ways there are online.

If you want to take surveys for money search google for “Get Paid To Take Surveys”. The most important thing when picking survey companies is never paying to take the surveys. Many of the companies out there will give you great reasons you should pay them before getting started, but for the most part any company you have to pay before making money is a scam. Two quality survey companies that you should consider using when trying to make money include Vindale and Cashcrate. Both of these are free to join and I personally have been paid by both.

Starting an online business will take quite a bit more work, but in the end you will make ten times the amount possible from survey companies. When you look for a hosting company for your first online business it is a good idea to look for a free hosting company. The reason for this is very few people will actually stick with making money online with an online business. They will usually give up in the first year which is why there are so many dead websites. If you create a website or blog on a free host such as or and decide you dont enjoy working online then you will lose no money. If you decide to pay for hosting and spend a bunch of money on marketing only to find you dont enjoy working online then you will be out all the money you put in.

Once you set your online business up it will time to focus on building Free Web Traffic and monetization. For monetization one of the easiest ways is setting up a google adsense account. If you are needing free web traffic focus on ranking your website high in the search engines. There are a few different things you will need to do such as create original content and start building backlinks. I highly recommend submitting your content to article directories which allow you to place a link in the resource box and will help build backlinks which will improve your website ranking.