Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finding A Topic For Your Online Business

Having the want to make money online is a great start, but before you have the chance to make money and start your online business you will need a fresh new business idea. In the online business world the topic of your website is called the niche. So if you decide to create a website which helps people build Free Web Traffic then you have created a website in the internet marketing niche. Picking a niche is an extremely important part of starting an online business because it will determine the amount of possible income and amount of competition. When trying to decide whether or not to take on a competitive niche you must think about the amount of time you can work on your website and the marketing. If you only have a couple hours each day then the best option will be picking a niche which is less competitive. On the other hand if you have over six hours daily then no niche is off limits and you should take on a niche with a lot of traffic and competition.

When thinking about staring an online business one important thing to remember is the successful online business is the one which persists through time. This means when picking a topic do not pick something purely on the amount of traffic. Pick a topic that you have been interested in for years. If you do this then the highs and lows of internet traffic will not deter you from publishing new content and keeping your website up to date. When you have an idea of something you would really like to create run some of the major key terms through Google Adwords Keyword Tool (which you can find by searching Google). This tool will tell you the amount of traffic for any given term just be sure to set preferences to exact phrase to get the most accurate results. Another reason I highly recommend this tool is if you type in a term it will match 99 closely related terms and show the traffic for these terms. This will be of high benefit when you begin search engine optimization.

Once you have decided on the topic/niche of your website it will be time for the actual creation. For those new to online business I recommend with sticking to basic platforms including static html or a blogging platform such as or Both of these will allow you to create your online business for free. The main difference between starting a blogging platform compared with starting a static web presence is the blogging platform will need constant updates where as the static web presence will need much fewer updates. I personally run one blog, but constantly set up static web presences such as Paid Surveys. You should try both to see which type of presence you enjoy running more. There are also such resources such as and that allow you to set up single web pages on whatever topics you would like. These work great for those who have tons of ideas. Each new idea can be a new squidoo or hub page.