Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting Something New

Usually the first post is one of the most difficult but I already know what this post should be. I personally had hundreds of people going to my websites and blogs everyday then out of nowhere i disappeared. I was using for my websites and major blogs which claimed to have unlimited hosting, but i ended up causing a little too much cpu usage and my account with all my work washed down the drain. Both blogger and ended my websites and the only site that stood the test of time was Make Money Online Free. I find it interesting that i have had fewer problems with free hosting over at compared with paying for my hosting.

Anyway i am back with new theories. After months of reflection on what went wrong I am choosing to turn away from the mmo world. If you have ever seen my blogs they were full of banners and ads. I wondered why i could not get any following and it hit me. My content is of excellent quality, but my site layouts are extremely spammy. With this blog i will let adsense do the work and let this be a place for my writing. I have no idea where this blog will go hopefully to the top, but rather than worry about how much money im making or the amount of people hitting my website I will focus on writing everyday and trying to produce the best possible content.

It feels good writing a post after taking almost half a year off I hope to see many of the people who were following me before and of course some new faces.