Saturday, May 28, 2011

Create an Online Business

The main thing people expect out of me is learning about online business. Years ago i began with something really quite simple and worked my way to the top of search engines for many keywords. This platform will be different, but I don't want to leave the people expecting online business with nothing. Like i said in the first post this blog will contain all of my writings not limited to one specific niche or aspect of my life.

To start an online business all you need is an idea, time, and a platform. There are many free places to get a platform, but before deciding on one you should do some research. Many of the websites offering free web space will have conditions and there will also be some that will ban your website if you pass a certain amount of traffic. Make sure you read all of the rules. Some of the better web hosts that I have come across include,, and There are many more, but these are some of the main ones.

Many free web presences do not allow you to make money so will not work if you are wanting to build a business online. The free web presences that are listed above all allow you to create an income so should be considered when trying to start a business. Once you have a platform to build your online business it is time to start thinking of what your presence will be about. I do not recommend creating an open ended web presence, but rather something specific especially if you do not have any experience online. When choosing a niche which is the topic of your presence there are a couple things to consider. The first and more important thing to consider is how much you know about the given topic. Before you can be considered and expert you must know everything there is to know about the given topic. The second thing to consider is how popular the topic is. Creating a presence in a dead niche will mean very little traffic and therefore very little money.

The final aspect of online business which will be necessary is building free web traffic to your website. This should not be the primary reason for building your online business. The most successful online business professionals created a presence where they were allowed to express themselves on a topic they truly enjoyed. As visitors came to the website and read they quickly saw how much the owner enjoyed writing on the topic and had expertise. They wrote and wrote not seeing much in the first year, but the pure joy of sharing knowledge with their audience. They wrote everyday no matter how much traffic the post would bring and in the long run it is this that will separate the successful from the failures.